Terms & Conditions

MNF ENTERPRISES P/L Traybody Terms & Conditions
TERMS OF TRADE:   No goods will be supplied by MNF Enterprises P/L on any terms and conditions other than these and by acceptance of quotation the purchaser shall be deemed to irrevocably agree that these terms and conditions shall apply to the exclusion of all others.
CLIENT ACCEPTANCE:   It is the responsibility of the person ordering the goods/services to ensure all items required are clearly specified on the MNF Alloy or Steel order forms or Quotation. If ordering “as per quote” responsibility is on the person ordering to ensure ALL quote details including vehicle make & model are correct. Alterations to incorrectly placed orders will be at the client’s expense.
CANCELLATIONS:   The Client shall reimburse MNF for any costs, expenses or losses incurred by MNF should the client cancel an accepted quote or order after materials have been ordered and/or manufacture has commenced. A re-stocking fee will apply for cancelled orders of standard products, custom orders are non-refundable.
WARRANTY:   All MNF Enterprises Aluminium and Steel Tray bodies are guaranteed against failure, under normal working conditions, for 5 years from date of supply. This does not cover off road conditions, 4x4 tracks, accidental or malicious damage, and use of improper cleaning products or incorrect fitment to vehicle by someone other than MNF Enterprises or MNF Enterprises agreed Distributor. Where practical, the purchaser should return to MNF or Distributor’s factory every 12 months for an overall check and to have all mounting points tightened. If this is not possible, then it is the responsibilities of the owner, to have his/her mechanic tighten all mounting points, when the vehicle is being serviced. Failure to do this may void warranty.
EXCLUSIONS:   All MNF Traybodies are built, designed and fitted according to the ADR National Vehicle Standards, Bulletin No.6. They also comply with ADR 13/- Lighting, ADR 42/- Mudguards, ADR 14/- Mirrors.
Where the traybody meets and is in accordance with the standard, MNF cannot take any responsibility for any partial obstruction of the side rear view mirror visibility. If the dealer or customer is of the opinion that the existing mirrors are insufficient, then it is their responsibility to organize and fit an alternative.
Warranty on accessories including, toolboxes, sliding drawers, water tanks etc is limited to 12 months on moving parts, locks and hinges. No Guarantee is given or implied on any toolbox or sliding drawer as to its ability to prevent theft of equipment stored within. This does not cover normal wear and tear of the product, accidental or malicious damage, and use of improper cleaning products or incorrect fitment to vehicle by someone other than MNF Enterprises representative.
No warranty is given on staining or chafing of the tray surfaces caused from fitment of Tonneau Cover or rubber mat. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure these accessories are removed allowing the tray to dry after weather or cleaning.
Warranty on Tonneau covers is limited to 12 months on cover fabric. No warranty is given to/or implied on shock cord or bungy loops as it is a moving part.
No Warranty is given on the surface finish of polished aluminium or chrome plating against weathering or staining.
Painting and powder coating surfaces is of a normal commercial standard and colour variations may occur. The warranty on painted or powder coated surfaces is 12 months and does not cover any discolouration, stone chips, chemicals or sealants, salt spray, industrial fallout, animal droppings, general ageing or misuse.
Where a longer than standard traybody and sliding drawer is fitted, MNF disclaims all responsibility as to any vehicle manufacturer warranty implications and/or the compatibility with a towbar. Where possible, MNF endeavour to warn customers prior to purchase of this problem but it is the customer’s responsibility to investigate these issues.
CLAIMS & DISCREPANCIES:   Any claims or discrepancies alleging the goods are not in accordance with the quote and/or contract must be made in writing within seven (7) days of the completion of the job, otherwise the goods shall be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the contract.