10 Best 4×4 Accessories in Gold Coast You Must Have

4x4 accessories gold coastTaking your 4×4 and heading away for a weekend can always be serene. You can have an excellent 4×4 adventure with only a few basic things to complete your set up – your car, a tent, and a place to camp.

However, preparation is key, and there are a few things that help make one’s weekend away much more enjoyable. When you start to make going away a regular thing, you will quickly realise that some accessories can make your off-road experience a lot better, in terms of safety, comfort, and performance.

Let’s see how you can upgrade your 4×4 vehicle by acquiring various 4×4 accessories Gold Coast; these will minimise your chances of having an on or off road incident, will make you feel more comfortable, and allow you to reach places you’ve never been before.

Safety is #1

Safety should always be your number 1 priority no matter where you are going. Generally you need to ensure that you have on hand a first-aid kit with all basic needs: Band-Aids, bandages, antiseptic, etc. A first-aid kit is compulsory in all vehicles, but if you own a 4×4 and regularly go on off-road adventures, you will need a little more than just the basics:

  • Recovery strap:

If you are going somewhere remote with your 4×4, chances are you’ll need one of these to get yourself out of a sticky or muddy situation! Recovery ropes are some of the most basic tools, but they become vital when you or others need to get unstuck. Keep a recovery strap in your vehicle just in case a situation presents itself and you will be happy you did one day.

A recovery strap should be chosen based on your vehicle’s weight. The ratio between the minimum breaking strength of your recovery rope and the weight of your vehicle should be 2:1. For instance, if your vehicle weights 15,000 lbs, the tow rope’s MBS should be at least 30,000 lbs (15,000 x 2). Choosing the right strap can mean the difference between pulling your vehicle out safely, and waiting for a towing truck.

Most importantly, you need to be able to distinguish the difference between a towing strap (a strap with hooks attached used to tow vehicles on the road) and actual recovery straps (which don’t have any piece of hardware attached). The reason for this is that straps made for recovery must NOT have metal hooks that could fly off at excessive speeds and in a worst case scenario, cause serious injury.

  • Spare tyres:

You can never be too prepared – having a spare tyre will save your life in the case of one of yours getting flat!

There are two types of spare tyres – real tyres and temporary spare tyres, also called donuts.

In the case of you needing to use a spare tyre, you will need to take some precautions and understand a spare does not have the capabilities that a real tyre has. Precautions such as; driving only the minimal distance required to get to the car service (driving for too long on a spare tyre can throw your car out of alignment), not exceeding 80km/hr, checking spare tyre pressure regularly, and being aware that your ABS system and traction control may be compromised. When using a spare tyre, it is crucial that you read your car’s manual – instructions on how to use a spare tyre safely vary from model to model.

  • Air compressor

This is a necessity for anyone going 4x4ing, as losing tyre pressure is one of the unfortunate downfalls to driving off-road. Having an air compressor on board allows you to easily pump your tyres back up in the case of them running low, which is almost a guaranteed scenario when going 4x4ing. Air compressors are among the best automotive inventions, as they allow you to inflate or deflate your tyres whenever it is required, based on the conditions you face off-road.

You don’t know you need it until you have it

Many clients looking for 4×4 accessories Gold Coast are already equipped with all they need to make a safe trip, so they also start thinking about the next important thing; comfort. Items on this list may not be vital, but they allow you to enjoy your time outdoors even more than you thought you could and allow you to return home both relaxed and rested.

  • Soft cooler or fridge

You can always have your drinks warm, but nobody really likes it. For a long time, ice was the only option to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold when camping, but this is not the best or most convenient solution as ice eventually melts and you always end with the same moist and dirty cooler box to clean when you return home. Not to mention how unappetizing soggy sandwiches can be…

Modern portable fridges come with multiple advantages, such as never having to prepare ice again, being connected to mobile app interfaces, being lightweight and compact, offering increased storage volume (as you don’t need to put ice inside), and not having to drain melt-water.

  • Drawers

Packing skills are crucial if you are an off-road adventure enthusiast. However, no matter how organized you are, stuff still tends to mingle in the trunk of your car, and it is easy to get frustrated whenever you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. If you’re looking to go on a decent trip away, effective storage solutions are a must. With these 4×4 accessories Gold Coast, your things will be compartmentalised and easy to find. A simple thing but with a huge impact on the quality of your trip!

  • Roof rack

With so many must-haves to carry with you, it’s obvious there isn’t always room for everything in the car, especially when the entire family is going and you plan on being away for a while. The best solution? Bulky items can be placed on a roof rack, which will free up valuable space from your car trunk. A quality roof rack can be quite costly, but in the long run, will turn out to be a good investment if you go off-road with all the family frequently. However you should be aware of one precaution when choosing to store things on top of a roof rack – avoid placing too much heavy stuff on top as this may affect your vehicle’s centre of gravity, making it more prone to turnover when performing sharp turns.

Performance – going anywhere in your 4×4

Even if your 4×4 vehicle is powerful and able to withstand the harshest off-road conditions, you will need several additional accessories to be able to cope with any challenge that may unexpectedly present itself. Vehicle traction power is not enough at times, and you will be able to go further by equipping your car with the following:

  • Driving lights

LED bar lights are the most effective and powerful type of lighting that a vehicle can have. They are commonly used by 4×4 vehicles because they allow you to spot potential dangers while driving off-road; such as unexpected wildlife. Moreover, they reduce both eye strain and driving fatigue – a huge advantage, especially on your back from a trip when you may be extremely tired and less likely to spot a rogue kangaroo.

  • Recovery equipment

The idea of recover equipment is to assist you whether you’re stuck in sand or mud so you wheels have enough traction to drive yourself out. These accessories are compulsory when you are travelling alone, and are necessary as you’re most likely to stay stuck without them; even if you remove the sand from the front of your bogged wheels, you generally still stay stuck without this equipment. The ground can be very soft and the sand or mud may refill in a matter of seconds. These beauties will offer you stability needed to drive yourself out of soft ground, without causing damage to your 4×4, or endangering people around you.

  • Bulbar

Off-road comes with freedom of movement and breathtaking scenery, but also with stray bushland and disoriented animals. Your vehicle can get badly damaged if you hit an animal by mistake, or at the best it will get badly scratched from tree branches. A bulbar will offer frontal protection while also serving as a support for other accessories, such as driving lights and aerials.

  • Tools

There are many pieces on your 4×4 vehicle that can get damaged when you push the boundaries of your car during an off-road trip. Make sure you always carry a set of tools with you. A good tool bag will cover everything; from spanner, pliers, screwdrivers, and more. If you are an experienced off-road driver, you probably already know what is most likely to break during a trip, giving you firsthand knowledge to know exactly what tools you need to take with you.

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