10 Best 4×4 Camping Accessories you Must Have in 2020

As MNF 4×4 welcomes a new decade of camping and off-roading, variety and innovation in 4×4 accessories continue to evolve. At the beginning of 2020, our market segment is now bringing to off-road enthusiasts improved products and a whole new array of items that can keep them comfortable and safe when away from home. 4x4 Camping Accessories

We know: as a 4×4 vehicle owner, you are an adventure seeker, but at the same time you want to be prepared for unexpected situations – aside from having fun you also need to benefit from the inventions of civilised world, stay safe and healthy, and avoid damage to your vehicle. The compulsory set of 4×4 Camping Accessories that ensure the perfect getaway takes some time and financial resources to complete, but you can start by acquiring the following items on our list:


There is nothing worse than a warm drink and food that has lost its freshness. There are plenty of options like powdered milk, canned food, and snacks, but even if you stick with these non-perishable foods, you will still enjoy a cold drink after a day behind the wheel – and you can only have that with a refrigerator. Today’s portable refrigerators are made to withstand Australia’s extreme conditions and have features such as weatherproof exterior, 4-digit pin locks, freezing options, and being designed to be used 365 days a year on the back of your Ute.

Roof racks

Installing a roof rack on your 4×4 vehicle comes with both pros and cons, but roof storage is generally a viable solution for most Utes. Roof racks are excellent if you want to carry large items like bikes, kayaks, ladders, skis, snowboards and so on. They create additional space for carrying luggage, and also allow you to transport stuff you don’t want to put inside your vehicle. Cons include increasing fuel consumption due to wind resistance created by the large items on your roof rack and potential damage to your vehicle – dust accumulated under the feet and straps may scratch the paint beneath. However, the last issue can be prevented by having your roof rack installed by a professional and by using quality racks that are well-designed and have a long lifespan.


This accessory allows you to protect your vehicle whilst having off-road adventures; its advantages include minimising damage caused by animal collisions, ensuring general protection on very rough roads, being able to mount winches more easily, creating a strong mount for other accessories such as sand flags or UHF antennas, improving your approach angle, and fitting recovery points. Precautions to take when installing a bullbar to your vehicle include making sure the suspension can handle the extra weight that can be as high as 80 kg.


The good old shovel is used for anything from digging a hole to stirring the campfire and smacking tent pegs. However, nowadays you have basic shovels and off-road shovels. Wondering what makes these 4×4 shovels so great? They are adapted for multiple uses. For instance, there are shovels that can be used with a short handle for more robustness or with a long handle for normal shovelling. Pointy shovels are better at penetrating the ground, while the handle can be made from various materials, including fiberglass, steel, and wood. No matter what type of shovel you opt for, however, it’s vital that you purchase a model made of high-quality material because you don’t want to replace multiple shovels that have broken or don’t work properly, thus wasting more money in the long run.

Drawer system

Drawer systems for 4×4 vehicles are a must-have if you go camping often or use your car for work because your belongings will always be organised and easy to find. The main benefits provided by a drawer system in your car include efficient storage, being able to see out the back window, packing becoming more enjoyable, keeping your items stored out of sight, and storing groceries conveniently.

Waterproof tarp/ tent/ roof tent

This one is used to provide shelter to sleep, cook, eat and relax under. Rooftop tents are particularly popular in Australia as they enable overland adventurers to stay above ground and avoid snakes and other crawlies. There are other explanations for their popularity among 4×4 Camping Accessories customers, too – the easy setup as they can be deployed almost instantly by unfolding and extending the ladder, making parking at campsites much easier, and coming in various sizes with some providing plenty of room for more campers and gear.

Sleeping bag

Once you’ve sorted out where you are going to sleep, you need to know what you are going to sleep on. You can’t get a good night’s rest if you feel cold and you are lying on the hard exposed ground. A good sleeping bag is not really cheap, but it’s a must have if you plan to camp, regardless of the season. You will possibly need an air mattress as well, for a softer rest.


Lighting solutions include torches, battery-operated lanterns, electric gas lamps, and head torches to mention just a few – these are used to light up the campsite and navigate in the dark. Even if your smartphone has a lantern included, it’s recommended to get a reliable, powerful torch if you are planning an off-road adventure due to the superior performance it delivers compared to a small lantern. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation at night, having proper lighting can totally make the difference.

First aid kit

Used in a first aid emergency, the first aid kid should also include insect repellent and sunscreen. If you are planning an epic trip around Australia, remember that accidents and emergencies can happen at any time to anyone. You don’t want to end up saying “I wish I had prepared for this” when you could take the simple action of placing a first aid kit inside your 4×4 vehicle. You will need a good kit that is not fragile and bulky and can stand up to the elements. Also remember to update your kit regularly as some items can expire or need to be replaced after use.

Washing tubs

Before reaching your camp site, they can be used to carry essential items but once you have spent a while outdoors they can be used to wash your cooking gear, tableware or even your dirty clothes. The washing tub is necessary when you spend several days overland because it’s more practical to wash your clothes than to take lots of clothes with you to cover the entire period you spend away from home. In 15 minutes your clothes and dishes will have been cleaned conveniently without wasting more water than necessary.

The variety and utility of 4×4 Camping Accessories is amazing these days, and you can actually create a small home away from home, without needing too much space to pack the items that will make your portable household. Aside from accessories that ensure comfort, 4×4 products that are aimed at safety are equally important and should not be neglected – torch, bullbar, shovel, etc.

For every 4×4 camping accessory that you need for creating that memorable off-road experience, check our products on the MNF 4X4 website and call us at 1300 663 494 to find more about our 4×4 Camping Accessories installation services.