7 Best Camping Accessories Your Need These Christmas Holidays!

Christmas holidays are about to start and what better way to spend the holidays enjoyably than going for camping? However, without being fully prepared you cannot enjoy it as much. Packing the right camping gear and equipment will make the trip pleasant, comfortable and safe. In this regard, we have created a thorough list of the best camping accessories to help you prepare for a fun-filled and adventurous camping trip these Christmas holidays.

4wd Accessories OnlineTent

Essentially, camping is an outdoorsy activity where you try to live all by yourself out in the bush or a dedicated campsite to be closer to nature and, away from the gadgets, gizmos and amenities of the city life. It sounds great… right!

But it may not be as adventurous in reality as it seems in theory because spending the night on the rough and rugged floor surrounded by all kinds of insects and the probability of wildlife passing by is not the best way to enjoy your camping trip. There is no harm in thinking about your own comfort and safety, especially at nighttime. That’s why we have listed tent at the top slot in our list of best camping accessories.

Purchasing a ground tent won’t be a good idea because not only it’s harder and time consuming to set it up but also not very comfortable to sleep through the night. A rooftop tent is the right thing to invest in if you are planning for camping.

Ironman 4×4 Roof Top Tent is the best in the market for providing maximum user convenience and comfort during travelling and camping. It takes only a few minutes to unfold and set up the tent, which means you don’t need to dedicate a lot of your time or effort to setup and dismantle it.

Ironman 4×4 rooftop tent is like a blessing because it keeps you safe and protected from weather issues and insects since it is off the ground. It is a spacious tent so you can store bedding inside while its climate cover flysheet reduces condensation and manages temperature optimally. The pop up window awing, fly screen, and the retractable aluminium ladder further enhances user safety and convenience.

This tent is made with high quality, breathable and waterproof ripstop poly-cotton canvas. You also get the ultra-comfortable high density 65mm foam mattress to sleep comfortably and to lift the tent, you get a high lift extension kit. It also has a weather tolerant 1000D waterproof ON CAR cover made of PVC. No wonder it is one of the best camping accessories to buy for your upcoming camping trip.

Portable Fridge:

The benefits of keeping a portable fridge or travel cooler on your camping trip are various. It not only keeps the snacks and beverages cold but also allows you to carry along a wide range of food items, which otherwise may not be possible. You can freely get things that require refrigeration on your camping trips and get cold water or beverages whenever you need on a hot, sunny day at the campsite. Portable fridge is as much useful at picnics as it is during camping. You can keep it in your car, van, or even boat as it occupies minimal space and offers maximum functionality.

In our opinion the Ironman 4×4 40L Fridge / Freezer is one of the best camping accessories in portable fridges category. It is the perfect option to keep food fresh and drinks cold on your travels simply because it is manufactured by Ironman 4×4, which is the most recognised brand in camping gear and offers portable fridges in the range of 30L, 40L, and 50L.

Ironman 4×4 portable fridges have CFC-free Polyurethane Foam Insulation and latest Secop (previously Danfoss) BD-35F compressor to keep food cold. Its fridges are durable and reliable having the capability of enduring harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. This robust and spacious 40L fridge lets you store more than 60 375ml cans, which means you and your family can survive several days without running out of water or beverages.

best camping accessoriesEzy-Go Flushing Toilet

Nature calls cannot be ignored or tolerated for long. We need to think about addressing our basic natural needs while packing for camping as not all campsites are equipped with toilets. Hence, a flushing toilet is among the best camping accessories that you might need to pack along if you want to enjoy the trip.

When you have a flushing toilet you don’t bother about the number of drinks or quantity of food to consume. Usually, people choose to go into the bush for this purpose; however, it isn’t only an unsafe practice when you are not in your familiar surroundings, it is also unhygienic and environmentally unfriendly. Therefore, investing in camping toilet is probably the best decision.

If you want a comfortable camping toilet, go for the 12L Ezy-Go Flushing Toilet from Ironman 4×4. This no-fuss, self-contained portable toilet is extremely durable and easy to empty. You can choose to get the Ironman 4×4 flush-aid to keep the toilet odour free and fresh and further enhance the convenience while travelling.

This 12L portable toilet comes with a 12L waste tank and 12L water storage tank and is suitable for both kids and adults given its ideal seat size. Made with high density polyethylene it is very durable and sturdy while the double sealed drain valve eradicates any risk of leaks and prevents foul odours. With the ability of providing 50 flushes the Ezy-Go Flushing Toilet is definitely worth buying.

Pressure Shower

Bathing and cleaning is a necessity no matter where you are, at home or outdoor on camping. Without a pressure shower, you may not be able to get your everyday bath as conveniently especially if you are camping in a remote area.

The best camping accessories from Ironman 4×4 make it so easy to pick and select camping gear. The Eco Pressure Shower from Ironman 4×4 is yet another great product that should be part of your camping packing list for these Christmas holidays. This isn’t your regular camp shower as it doesn’t need electricity to function and can be hung overhead while generating amazing pressure every time you use it.

This pressure shower uses 12L bladder with a dual chamber pump to perform pressurising and maintains stable water pressure. Using this pressure shower is very easy as it involves one-handed operation.

Eco Pressure Shower is made with high quality TPU material and can handle water temperature of up to 50°C.  To store the residual water, you can use the compact carry case with drainage holes. The anti-kink hose and trigger installed at the shower head ensure even water flow and maximum water economy.

It isn’t just an ideal product to be used on camping but can be equally handy in all your outdoor activities such as on beaches, hiking, cycling or even for washing your vehicle or the dog.

4wd accessories onlineFirst Aid Kit

The risk of an unlikely accident, injury or illness at camping cannot be entirely ruled out no matter how precautious you are. Camping is an adventurous activity and this very aspect makes you vulnerable to all sorts of injuries. Hence, it is very important to be prepared for treating minor wounds, bruises, and burns at once.

A first aid kit is the perfect option for you in this regard. Ironman 4×4 has developed the best camping accessories for you and its 65 Piece, compact Fold Out First Aid Kit is simply outstanding. It is developed after consulting top Australian paramedics and comes with all the necessary items that help you address an emergency. It also has a snake bite kit to help you counter any adverse situation all by yourself.

This compact kit that comes in an innovative pouch design and allows quick and easy first aid; it can serve every type of injury from sprains and fractures to small and large wounds and snake bites.

Fishing Rods

Fishing is an activity that you can enjoy alone or with family and friends. On your next camping trip, don’t forget to take the Travel Master Multi-Rod fishing rod along. It is the most reliable fishing rod in the market that allows up to 36 different rod combinations and 9 rod styles.

This portable and lightweight fishing rod facilitates an ideal setup for fishing in any kind of area. Its patent multi-rod design ensures maximum customisation and the carbon fiber build makes it durable. The easy-to-connect adaptors help you set it up quickly and the carry tube makes it possible to store it in the vehicle without occupying a lot of space.

best camping accessories

Recovery Kit – don’t get stuck!

Nothing can dampen your spirit while you are on your way to campsite these Christmas holidays than your 4WD getting stuck in the mud and you being clueless about how to handle this situation. If you have packed a recovery kit, you need not to worry about such issues.

With the Ironman 4×4 recovery kit, you get an all-in-one to unstuck the vehicle and address all sorts of issues on the tracks. This kit comes in a handy storage bag and includes recovery hitch and is in full compliance with Australian standards. It has already been field tested for actual recovery situations as well.

Ironman 4×4 recovery kit contains 9m 8000kg snatch strap, recovery hatch, two 4.7 bow shackles, leather gloves and an innovative, reinforced carry bag. Carrying your own recovery gear is a good practice and can be made easier with Ironman 4×4’s small recovery kit.