Build Your 4×4 into the Ultimate Camping Rig

4x4 camping accessories

Nothing beats a weekend away and with your 4×4 vehicle. Fresh air, the authentic Australian nature, no Wi-Fi on your phone to keep you with your eyes glued to the screen, and the company of friends and family. However, enjoying a pleasant camping trip in your 4×4 requires a good deal of planning. When you get to your planned camping spot and discover you haven’t taken enough water with you, or you got stuck in the mud and don’t have the gear you need to get out, the camping trip of your dreams can turn into a nightmare. Ensuring you create a list of everything you need every time you go on a trip outdoors does help, and here at MNF 4X4 we think that 4×4 camping accessories are vital for a successful and stress free trip. Based on our experience and knowledge, we think you should invest in the most important items that will ensure your comfort and safety during your off-road adventure.

With help from our staff, you can utilise 4×4 camping accessories to transform your vehicle into the perfect home away from home. Most accessories can be easily set up and packed up taking up minimal space when you are done. Here are the main accessories we recommend for carefree camping:


Why sleep on the ground when you can utilise your 4×4? Driving a 4×4 vehicle means you have the opportunity to sleep wherever you go with your vehicle, without worrying about insects and venomous animals.

Roof-top tents are the best for Australian campers as they keep you away from the insects and animals on the ground. These truck/SUV tents keep you sheltered while you sleep and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Tents are usually sold with truck bed air mattress, as the bed of your Ute tray’s surface is obviously too hard to ensure a comfortable sleep. Both items take up minimal space when packed up, but make a huge difference when it comes to comfort while camping. You should totally skip the idea of camping with your 4×4 unless you have a roof-top tent. Spending the night on your vehicle’s chairs is uncomfortable, and with a stiff back in the morning you won’t be able to enjoy your camping trip to it’s full potential

Storage accessories

Going for a weekend away will require a lot of gear depending on what you are planning on doing on your trip (fishing, camping, rock climbing, etc.) The longer the stay and the more you are hooked on your hobby (fishing for instance), the more stuff you need to take with you. You can’t simply throw all these items in your Ute tray or in the car’s trunk because you won’t be using the available space in an optimal manner (and you will also have trouble locating certain items). Within our 4×4 camping accessories, customers opt for either exterior or interior storage, or in some case both, depending on the items they need to take with them while camping:

Roof rack

It is mainly used to transport gear and can carry anything including heavy or large objects (mountain bikes, etc.) Roof racks can accommodate items that are too large to place inside the vehicle and also keep your 4×4 vehicle’s interior clutter free. Disadvantages include the fact that your items may be less protected from thieves and the relatively higher costs of exterior storage.

Interior storage

Includes seat storage bags and interior cargo rack.  Seat storage bags are preferred by those who take various small-sized items with them and want to keep their vehicle organised. When there is not a place for everything in your vehicle, things get disorderly immediately, with things getting out of hand very quickly when you travel with children. Backseat organisers prevent clutter from overtaking the backseat of the vehicle and there are also organisers that can be placed mid-seat in your vehicle instead of over the back of one of the front seats. Such organisers are easily accessible to both back and front seat passengers.

Interior cargo racks come with multiple advantages, such as being able to transport cargo and gear inside the car in an organised manner without damaging your car interior, being more affordable than roof-mounted racks (which can be very expensive if you add locks), avoiding the aerodynamic drag associated with roof-mounted rack systems, eliminating the noise produced by exterior storage, ensuring better protection for your cargo and gear, and being able to use it in multiple vehicles.

Electricity power and solar accessories

Though getting away means getting away from most technology, we advise against ditching technology altogether. If you want to be comfortable and save effort and time, some of the best 4×4 camping accessories to take with you are power accessories, so you can still utilise things such as mini fridges, electric lanterns, or even your laptop or charging phones. Maybe you don’t want to take your laptop with you, but a mini-fridge is a must-have if you want to keep food fresh and appetising – nobody likes soggy sandwiches from a smelly cooler full of melted ice.

When it comes to power accessories, you have the options of either solar power or generator – ask our sales consultants at MNF 4×4 accessories about the pros and cons of each power source so you choose the one best suiting your needs and preferences.

Safety and first aid

The safety kit is a must-have when going on an adventure away, with the first aid kit being the first component. Other items in the safety kit include:

  • Radio – it allows you to keep in touch with the base camp and/or medical facilities while away for a hike. Going away without any means of communication can be very dangerous; you can get hurt and not get any help because you can’t contact the camp base or the emergency services.
  • Fire extinguisher – extremely important especially if you are going to be having fires for warmth or to cook. A fire left unsupervised can rapidly expand to your camping gear and vehicle or can cause a wildfire. Keep an eye on the fire all the time and use the fire extinguisher if something goes wrong.
  • Camping/lifestyle tools

People use to take camping tools with them to make their trip more adventurous and enjoyable. At MNF 4×4 you can choose from a wide range of 4×4 camping accessories that will make you feel like home and keep you as safe as possible:

  • Food storage tools (coolers/mini fridge to keep food cold). With high temperatures, even a 1-night camping trip requires refrigeration for your food.
  • Water/waste tools – zero waste camping is not just a fad, but a necessity if you want to be responsible about environment protection and leave the camping spot as clean as you found it.
  • Chairs – necessary for fishing or for dining outdoors.
  • Portable lighting – don’t rely on your smartphone’s flashlight and use a reliable and professional tool that you can count on in case of emergency or simply when you are looking for something in the dark.
  • Shades/awnings – you may not find that shady, cool spot you imagined when you left home and staying under the unforgiving summer sun is unpleasant if not dangerous. Opt for camping awning and you will thank yourself for having shade during the daytime at your camping spot instead of slowly baking under the sun.

If you are looking to plan the perfect camping trip in your 4×4 vehicle, MNF 4×4 can provide you all the 4×4 camping accessories you need, from caps to tyre gauges. We are your one-stop shop for all your camping accessory needs so you enjoy every single moment of your trip!