Our Services

At MNF 4×4 we are dedicated to support your work life and weekend off-road lifestyle by providing the following services through our team of trusted experts:

Alloy ute trays

MNF 4×4 are excited to add a new tray into our family of alloy ute trays. The general purpose alloy ute tray has a 1 tonne capacity and will fit the Ford Ranger Dual cab, the Toyota Hilux Single Cab, and the Holden Colorado Extra Cab just to name a few. All of our alloy ute tray bodies have an anodised finish which eliminates tarnish. We also, custom fit tray bodies to your vehicle. Contact us for more information.

4×4 accessories installation

Upgrade your 4×4 vehicle with 4×4 products such as bullbars, suspension, canopies, trade racks, snorkels and more You can find them under 4×4 products on our website. You can come into our store and discover our full range of 4×4 accessories and have them professionally installed. For more convenience, you can check accessories on our website and then just drop and see us for installation.

Mining and fleet

Our vehicle fitting team is experienced with equipping vehicles intended for use in mining sites and other applications around Australia. We offer full mining vehicle fit outs in accordance with BMA vehicle compliance regulations and provide you with a mine compliant vehicle you can have confidence in. Your vehicle will transport you across the site effectively and keep you safe at the same time. MNF 4×4 also provides fleet management packages suiting the business needs of any company and assuring you of workmanship at the highest standards for every single vehicle.

Camping equipment and accessories

A 4×4 car opens endless possibilities for each of its users, and at MNF 4×4 you can find the equipment needed for a complete 4×4 experience, no matter where your vehicle takes you. From parts that are vital to your vehicle to accessories that make camping safer and more comfortable, here you have it all.

4×4 workshops

Never been on a 4×4 adventure? For complete success, camping and off-road travel know-how is vital. At our workshops we offer you all the information you need so you can enjoy your travel at its fullest without facing any major inconvenience.

MNF 4×4 helps you explore Australia in a safe and comfortable manner by offering reliable 4×4 services, from accessory installation to professional camping advice!