Want Better 4×4 Accessories in 2020? Here’s 5 Ways to do it

Have you ever checked 4×4 accessories on the Internet? The variety of 4X4 Accessories Online is humongous, with a range of products designed to make your life easier and keep you safe during off-road adventures or camping trips. 4X4 Accessories Online

The 4×4 accessories industry is so inventive that you can enjoy maximum comfort while away from home with your 4×4 by replicating almost every appliance you have in your household, but at a smaller scale – portable washing machine, refrigerator, cooking stove, among other examples.

However, not all 4×4 accessories are created the same. The range of quality varies, and some purchases may turn out to be useless and just a money waste. At MNF 4×4, we have been offering to our clients 4X4 Accessories Online and helped with installation for a long time and our experience allows us to recommend some of the smartest 4×4 accessories for 2020, some of them with a focus on environment protection:

Biodegradable toilet bags

They are fantastic for the environment and will persuade even the most reluctant non-camper that going into the wild is a good idea. Many people dread the idea that they need to use a bush plus that it is uncivilised, but these days the issue of toilet options can easily be solved.

A camping toilet is necessary for multiple reasons: avoiding nasty toilets at a camping site, not having to walk a long distance to get to a toilet, and no longer needing to dig holes and cover them with earth afterwards if you want to go to toilet in the nature.

However, once you have acquired a portable toilet (and there are dozens of models to choose from), there is still the issue of plastic waste. Using an ordinary plastic bag as a liner for your toilet is not ideal because it will contain liquid and probably rupture before waste collectors even get to it. Fortunately, nowadays there are special bags available on the market, which are biodegradable and even home compostable. Many of these products have a crystal-filled substance inside like the one in diapers to soak up liquid, which means you can transport it to the nearest waste bin safely, without risking a disaster. Equally important, biodegradable toilet bags have a stated length of time to decompose – usually 45 days, and they are made from plant-derived resin, vegetable oils, and compostable polymer. We recommend the Bush Toilet Replacement Boidegradble Bags (10 per pack) available on our online store. These bags can be buried near your campsite or anywhere into the wild without negatively impacting the environment

Solar panel mat kit

Planning to take with you portable appliances like refrigerator, hot water shower, light kits, and so on? You’ll need to think of a way to power all these, other than your car’s battery.

The best way is to take advantage of natural resources that are available for free, such as the sun, and Australia has plenty of it. A solar panel mat kit is a compact and lightweight solar power solution recommended for camping, caravanning, and 4WDriving. These kits usually fold into a small carry bag which makes storage and transportation very convenient; most kits weigh between 5 and 20 kg. They can be used at any temperature, ranging between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius. Solar panel mat kits usually include a plug connector and alligator clips and have adjustable feet to get the optimal angle to the sun.. At MNF4x4 we have available on our website the 6 Panel Solar Mat Kit from ironman4x4. You can power your entire campsite without using your 4×4’s battery and rely on an environmentally-friendly solution instead.

Seat covers

Seat covers protect the car’s seats from dirt and create longevity. Considering that most people are using these in their regular cars, protecting your 4×4’s seats is even more important because going off-road produces more dirt than a ride to the mall. Clean seats are not important just for your comfort; they also allow you to maintain your vehicle’s value for longer if you decide to sell it at some point – nobody likes a dirty car interior. We recommend the Universal Slip-on Seat Cover available on our online store due to its affordable price and ease of use. A 4×4 seat cover should be easily removed as it may require cleaning more often than a seat cover used in a regular vehicle.

Tyre deflator with gauge

This accessory is used to allow air out when needed, such as traversing deep sand and rock. The tyre deflator is a must-have no matter what vehicle you are using, as it is suitable for trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, and most bike tyres. It works by removing the inner valve from your tyre and allowing the desired amount of air to flow out.

The tyre deflator allows you to obtain a tyre pressure of around 15-20 PSI, lower than the pressure found on most stock tyres (around 35 PSI). This is because airing down gives you more traction off-road, whether you are in sand, dirt, snow, rocks, or mud. If you need to drive on very soft sand, 10 PSI may be the optimal pressure, but you’ll need to be careful as the tyre may come off the bead at such a low pressure. It’s vital that you read your car’s instruction manual before using a tyre deflator, as well as tyre instructions.

It’s preferable to choose a tyre deflator that measures the amount of air you are removing from your tyre. The old trick of “one pound of pressure per second” can help, but this is not much good if you don’t know the tyre pressure to start with. At MNF4x4 we have available on our website the Speedy Deflator with Gauge from ironman4x4 that is very simple to use and allows you to determine the amount of air you are removing from your tyres.

Recovery kit

Recovery kits are aimed at helping you get out of sticky situations and are preferred by 4X4 Accessories Online seekers because they contain all the recovery essentials that you would otherwise need to purchase separately.

A complete recovery kit usually includes the following items: snatch strap, recovery damper, snatch block, riggers recovery gloves, canvas recovery bag, steel bow shackles, tree trunk protectors, winch extension strap, and others. The recovery kit can be quite heavy, but it is an absolute must if you go off-road even for one time because without it you risk getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Every adventure seeker has been in the situation where they didn’t dare to explore any further because they lacked some accessories, not to mention that nothing brings more relief when you are stuck spinning your wheels in the mud than a recovery kit with adequate straps. The recovery kit should be on top of your list when looking for 4X4 Accessories Online if you are new to off-roading or you need to update your 4×4 accessories to a higher quality level.

You can get a complete large Recovery Kit that includes drag chain from MNF 4×4 or you can ask our team to create a customised one for you, depending on the area where you are travelling.

Is one of these smart 4X4 Accessories Online missing from your 4×4’s trunk? Not all of them are compulsory, but these products and others available in our Online Store can make your life a lot easier and also help you protect the environment while still enjoying comfort and convenience. Contact us today for any question related to 4X4 Accessories Online and the MNF4x4 team will offer guidance and installation services if necessary.