What Is A Suspension Lift Kit And What Are The Advantages?

SUVs are among the most modified vehicles due to their flexibility and wide range of uses. From roll cages for those who use their SUVs to take part in races, to front bull bars that protect the radiator and the engine from high impact, there are dozens of modifications and accessories you can add to your all-terrain vehicle. One particular and popular modification to an SUV is the add on of a suspension lift kit. In this article we will focus on the suspension lift kit and its benefits.

What is a suspension lift kit?

suspension lift kit

The suspension lift kit is a modification done to an SUV to raise the overall height and obtain extra inches of ground clearance. This helps the vehicle’s off-road performance by avoiding the obstacles that can be found on the ground. Other advantages include a steeper approach and the possibility to accommodate larger wheels and tires.

A Lift kit is practically a kit that contains the parts needed to lift a specific vehicle model, and instructions on how to do so as well. The contents of the package depend on the model – some kits only contain parts that are difficult to obtain otherwise (generic hardware can be used to complete the lift), while others include a variety of parts, like new suspension, drivetrain parts, drive shafts, etc.

Advantages of suspension lift kits

Increased clearance

This is the first and most obvious advantage – a lifted vehicle benefits from a bigger distance between its undercarriage and the road surface. Combined with suspension and shock upgrades, this helps you stay safe when driving over damaged streets or rough roads.

Being able to drive through tougher terrain

A higher vehicle is useful to people who want to try the most difficult off-road experiences, such as driving through rivers, climbing up steep hills or sand dunes, etc. Higher performance is generally ensured with a lifted SUV: better clearance, higher traction, a more robust ride, and being able to use larger wheels. All these allow you to do more with your truck and test it to the limits.

Provides you with a smoother ride

Suspension lift kits provide the space needed to even out the load and offer superior comfort even when you are driving in rough terrains loaded with cargo.

Better visibility

Being able to see more of the road is extremely useful, both in congested urban zones and off-road areas, from noticing potential dangers sooner to having a better view of various areas of interest including scenery.

Provides easier access to your vehicles underbody

Whether you want to inspect or repair, better access to you undercarriage always comes in handy. Especially when you feel uncomfortable in confined spaces, an inspection of your vehicle underbody is no longer a dreadful and difficult experience when you have a lifted SUV.

Bigger tires

Bigger tires are not just more impressive, but they also deliver a better overall performance. Stock suspension obliges you to use narrow tires that will not save you when you get stuck in the mud or snow. The use of a suspension lift kit enables you to use tires specifically designed for off-road use and get yourself out of any difficult situation. Deep snow and rutted trails do not represent a problem anymore when your truck is lifted.

Even if you are a fan of off-road capable tires, it’s a good idea to keep a set of street tires to switch out with your off-road ones, as the latter have a better grip and are more likely to wear on regular streets.

Assists with towing

Suspension lifts ease the towing process and allows you to move the vehicle from one place to another with fewer difficulties. The truck will be able to “squat” down without touching the road with its bottom.

Safer everyday driving

A suspension lift kit gives you a safety advantage over lower-profile vehicles because a lifted vehicle provides a better view of the road and the obstacles that may appear. Even a couple of seconds of advance notice can make the difference between avoiding a dangerous situation, and becoming a part of it.

Choosing between different options

There are multiple lift kits, suitable for various preferences, from smaller lifts to big lifts for those who want to elevate their trucks.

Obtaining a dramatic change

Compared to body lifts, suspension lift kits are more difficult to install and more costly, but the advantages provided are definitely superior. This solution not only helps you gain height, but also provides more ground clearance and suspension travel, with the possibility of fitting larger, more aggressive tires. On the other hand, the body lift kit works separately from your suspension components and lifts the truck body by installing spacers under the cab. This may leave a visible and unsightly gap between the truck body and the frame. So, in terms of aesthetics, the suspension lift provides better results.

Compared to body lift kits, suspension lift kits provide advantages like improving off-road suspension, avoiding the visible gap between body and chassis, being better on the vehicle on the long term, and having the possibility to choose from multiple options.

Making a big impression

A lifted truck with monster tires underneath it is one of the coolest things on earth. There are many fans of modified trucks all over the world, and Australia’s rough terrains represent the perfect spot for getting the most out of your own monster truck. If you want to make your truck stand out from the crowd and turn heads when you are off-road or sitting in a traffic jam, then suspension lift kits are definitely for you!

However, any time you make a modification to your vehicle and change the configuration provided by the manufacturer you need to be cautious about the potential negative consequences. In the case of suspension lift kits, the maximum safe operating angles can be reduced and roadholding can be significantly affected due to the raised centre of gravity. Furthermore, some manufacturers won’t warranty a vehicle with modified suspension. Please keep in mind that installing a suspension lift kit is not a DIY job when you have little or no experience in the field.

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