5 Tricks in Buying 4×4 Online Shop Accessories to Save Hours of Time

More and more people are discovering the best of Australia by taking the roads and travelling in their 4×4. Whether it is a hobby of yours or you are just feeling like a a 4WD road trip, you cannot explore the great Australian outback without being prepared and fully equipped. Aside from modifying a few parts of the 4×4 to boost its off-road performance, one can also upgrade their vehicle with essential accessories to have a successful four-wheel trip.It is imperative to identify the right equipment you put on board prior to stowing your 4×4 with random accessories. 4x4 Online ShopWhile some of these accessories can add a character on your 4×4, you have to choose accessories that will help ensure safety in your future off-road adventures. So before you go crazy shopping for accessories in a 4×4 online shop, we’ve rounded up a few tricks that will give you the best bang for a buck and save hours of time when scoring 4×4 accessories.

Choosing 4×4 accessories can be a bit overwhelming, especially with a multitude of options presented in a 4×4 online shop. The key here is to focus your mind on things that are important. Instead of fancying the “nice to haves”, go for the essentials that will be of tremendous use one day. Here’s how you can make the most of your 4×4 online shop experience.

Make sure to keep your food and beverage fresh and chilled

While being away in the hustle and bustle of the city sounds delightful, you don’t have to necessarily leave some comforts behind. You can still have a cold drink on hand to cap off the day in the outback.  With a portable fridge/freezer, frozen goods and chilled beverages are available at any time of the day. You can pre-cook the meals, store them in a vacuum sealer, and put them in the freezer. Simply pop the sealed bags in some hot water, and voila! The meals are ready to go.

Gone were the days of coolers that offer modest insulation. Most 4×4 online shops today feature a variety of portable fridges that range from a decent 25-L capacity to as much as 80 litres. You can sort the choices based on the length of your adventure, the number of people on the trip, and the food and drink that will be stowed.

For instance, a 30-L compact fridge is good enough in keeping cold lunches, medicines, and up to 25 cans of cold beer for you and another offsider. You can check this 30-L Ironman fridge that has been tested to endure harsh climate and environment conditions while maintaining the freshness and coldness of your food and drinks. Give yourself camping bragging rights with these 4×4 fridges!

Get organised with an efficient storage system

One of the best features of a 4×4 is its vast storage space. You can pack big luggage and bulky gears and equipment in it. That said, squeezing in your family and their stuff in the vehicle can cramp up the space. So what you’ll need is a storage system that can give more room for a comfortable journey.

Installing 4WD storage drawers, such as wing kits, will let you organise your things in multiple drawers so that packing and unpacking is with ease. Other than providing extra storage space for your off-roading equipment, these drawers distribute the weight of the cargo. With this, the 4×4 stays on the ground even when on muddy slopes and tricky terrains.

Wing kits are made from an array of materials that can fit your weight needs. You can choose from aluminum, galvanised steel, sheet metal, and a whole lot more! Of course, it all depends on your budget and the overall weight of your 4×4.

If you have a picture of what type of 4×4 drawer you are after, consider these 4×4 wing kits. These drawer systems offer an efficient way of tucking all your things neatly. Furthermore, the wing kits provide privacy, allowing you to store your stuff out of sight. This is the perfect solution for keeping expensive equipment like cameras and electronic devices.

Practise your camping skills beforehand

Without a doubt, a 4×4 adventure is a fun excuse for a weekend getaway. But what better way to enjoy that trip than to sleep under the stars. So before you start packing, it would be sensible to practise your camping skills (e.g setting up a tent) ahead of time.

Don’t get fooled by instructions that say “It will take this minutes to set up this.” Since not everyone is born as a camping expert, work on pitching a tent a couple of times before embarking on your journey. Not only that it will help you get the hang of it, but will also save you a lot of time setting up a tent once you are there. It is also a good discipline to assign a waste area near your tent. This way, you know where to put things that need to be cleaned or cleared away.

Don’t waste your time blowing an air mattress

If you and your family plan to spend the night in the hinterlands, it would be best to pack quick-fold camp stretchers to get that good night’s sleep.

Despite inflatable mats and air mattresses being as good buys, a lot of people like the concept of sleeping off the ground. It is way easier to get in and out of bed, plus you won’t feel the twigs and rocks while on your back. Moreover, compared to air mattresses, camp stretchers are ideal in warm weather since the air can flow beneath it.

Camping stretchers can easily be set up, folded, and tucked in your 4×4. They also come in different colours and sizes. When you go to a 4×4 online shop, you will be surprised with all the choices available.

There are wire leg stretchers that are light to carry and best suited for children. Double stretchers, such as these easy-fold camp stretchers, give plenty of space and can accommodate two people who like to cosy up. If you want stretchers that have built-in foam padding, foldaway stretchers are up for grabs. These catch the eyes of those who want to go camping while still feeling at home.

Set up your own camping quarters

Off-roaders are presented with a sundry of possibilities in having their sleeping arrangements, especially after a tiring day of beating the track. If you are looking for a better alternative to tents when outside, swags for camping might just be for you.

Swags are an important part of the Australian camping culture. Since the golden days of the swagmen, swags have undergone innovations while still maintaining the conventional swag aesthetic. Regular campers and 4×4 riders prefer swags than tents. And there’s a lot of reasons why.

For one, swags can be set up and packed up quickly. Just roll and unroll them to start dosing off from your campsite. Extra beddings aren’t needed since swags come with foam mattresses. This saves up the space from bringing separate foam beddings.

Unlike tents, swags offer more ventilation during hot, summer nights. You can open the top layer of the canvas and the windows to facilitate air circulation. During cold days, swags can provide insulation, depending on the kind of canvas they have.

One of the major cons of swags is its bulk. Having built-in beddings means that they will be packed down at a bigger size than tents. That said, swags are waterproof so you can always put them on the roof of the vehicle.


Don’t go overboard when buying 4×4 accessories in a 4×4 online shop. Doing proper research and weighing the pros and cons of each accessory will help you in making a decision. Bear in mind that you don’t need all the accessories to have a memorable and thrilling 4WD experience.